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About IR Sensors

IR Sensors Pty Ltd is an Australian registered startup company established to develop novel infrared (IR) sensor technology. The company is home-based in Adelaide, South Australia, but is currently not trading, awaiting investment. 

IR Sensors has worked in a close relationship with local business Electro-optic Sensor Design (EOSD) in development of patented IR sensor technology. EOSD provides support in sensor modelling, design and testing, drawing on decades of experience in this field. Visit EOSD.

IR Sensors' mosaic pixel microbolometer technology is patented in Australia and USA.
The company has established a working relationship with a leading pure play MEMS foundry for fabrication of patented technology. This IoT sensor project can proceed if an investor/industry partner is found to take the patented sensor technology to production.

IR sensing IoT technology is considered the next paradigm shift in the field infrared sensor technology. We have a solution. 

Business information on IR Sensors can be uploaded here